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We hunt for the change that matters

Why are we called Orion Catalyst?

Orion is the constellation that represents the hunter. A catalyst increases the value of a business or affects change. Orion Catalyst is a business connector and consultant. The name Orion Catalyst represents the constellation of approaches and opportunities we pursue. Our aim is to catalyze advances and speed up transformations for clients. We provide guidance on current intervention pathways that polish organizational performance.

Woman talking to a group about Orion Catalyst, a digital marketing agency in Arnold, MD, serving the entire United States SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing Campaigns, and more.
Image of a hand holding a lightbulb. A bright idea that Orion Catalyst creates digital marketing, SEO, social media, marketing campaigns, and offers  business development and SaaS consulting for addiction treatment centers.

About Eric

Eric Weilminster is a connector of people at his core and an easy-going extrovert. He cross-pollinates relationships to bring people and communities together, instigating transformations that can make one plus one equal three.

Eric learned early on that being upright and moral is the best policy. Building trust is the most positive way to maintain business relationships. Eric spent time managing teams in fast-paced retail, recruiting, and the chemical industry. In 2018 he returned to the roots of his Marketing Bachelors Degree and began providing local marketing and campaign strategies, in time at a digital marketing agency.

Orion Catalyst is the aggregate of that experience. Starting a business was inevitable because both his parents were entrepreneurs.

The business relationships across multiple industries earned him the expertise to understand business operations. Orion Catalyst seeks opportunities to upgrade and works with owners to utilize them. Often, business owners need to be made aware of these opportunities. They must be attentive to move from what's 'working ok' to peak performance. Orion Catalyst identifies services and partnerships that generate more efficient processes. Orion Catalyst finds opportunities to upgrade systems and works with owners to implement them.

The Benefits of Working with a Digital Marketing Consultant

As the owner or leader of a business you're likely looking to improve & expand operations and add clients, including increasing your online visibility. Hiring a digital marketing consultant can be a great way to do that. Here are a few benefits of working with a digital marketing consultant.


Digital marketing consultants are experts in their field and have spent years polishing their craft. They understand the ins and outs of digital marketing and its related disciplines.


A digital marketing consultant often saves money compared to hiring an entire team. It's usually a lower cost than outsourcing to an external agency. Consultants bring all their expertise & resources without requiring long-term contracts. Instead, they can work hourly or per project, so you only pay for what you need when you need it.


Having someone on-call with deep experience across many aspects of digital marketing makes it easy to pivot. If there's been an algorithm update or competitors launch a new product that impacts your operations or bottom line, with a consultant on board, it's easier to adjust and get back on track with minimal disruption or expense.

You want to improve online presence, but you want to avoid committing long-term or overspending. Work with an experienced digital marketing consultant. It can be the right move for your business. They provide expert advice tailored to your needs and help you save money.